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Centre hours
Lumsden is open from 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Lumsden Kindergarten fees
We charge an hourly rate of $8.00 and our optional charge for three and four-year-olds is $4 an hour, with a maximum of six hours a day. We offer a 20% family discount and for all children attending the centre five days a week, we offer a discounted fifth day for whichever day is the shortest hours attended.

Enrolment and fees procedures
All fees are inclusive of GST and must be paid in advance via automatic payment. Fee payment is due upon enrolment, then by the Monday of your child’s first week and every consecutive Monday. The minimum advance period of one week is strongly enforced. You will be asked to bring your fees into line should you fall behind. If parents wish to pay fees fortnightly then they will need to ensure that they remain one week in advance at all times upon their child’s commencement at Lumsden Kindergarten.

A child must be enrolled for a minimum of two six-hour days (12 hours) per week. Consideration may be given for four-hour-day enrolments where this may be accommodated within the centre operation at the centre manager’s discretion, e.g. when initially settling a child into the centre.

Fees are payable for all sickness, absences and statutory holidays. The centre may close over Christmas for two weeks and in this instance, there will be no charge for these two weeks.

Payment of fees
Fees must be paid on time for us to maintain a high-quality service. Where fees remain unpaid for more than two weeks, we cannot guarantee a space for your child and they may need to be withdrawn, unless an alternative arrangement can be made negotiated.

Please do not hesitate to contact the centre manager as soon as possible if you cannot meet your obligations under this fees policy, we are more than happy to discuss your situation.

Our fees are reviewed every year in order to keep abreast of changing costs and inflation.

Late fee payment
Where your child is picked up outside of their enrolled hours but within centre operating hours without approval from management, you will be charged $8.00 for each hour or part thereof. If you are running late for pick-up, a courtesy call is appreciated so staff ratios can be maintained.

If a child is at our centre outside of our operating hours without notification to the centre manager, the following procedures will be enforced:

  1. Emergency contact will be called.
  2. CFYS will be called.
  3. The child’s family will be billed $20 per every 15 minutes.

We do not offer fee retainers or reduced fees for holidays as these have been calculated into the weekly fees. Fees are required to be paid in full for all absences, including absences longer than two weeks, in order to hold your child’s place. Places cannot be held indefinitely and this will need to be negotiated with the centre manager.

If your child does not attend a session that they have been booked for, full payment is still required as their place has been reserved. This applies equally to casual bookings.

20 hours ECE 
We offer 20 hours ECE and have opted in because of the substantial subsidy for parents. We apply 20 hours to the first six hours per day (and daily thereafter) of your child’s enrolment.

If you are eligible for 20 hours ECE and you have completed the attestation on your child’s enrolment form then we will ensure that you get this subsidy. Eligibility starts when a child turns three and ends when they start school. Children must be enrolled for school by their 6th birthday so the last day that can be claimed for 20 hours ECE is the day before a child’s 6th birthday.

We will prompt you to complete the 20 hours EVE attestation when your child turns three and is eligible to ensure that you receive this subsidy. Parents need to have signed the 20 hours ECE attestation on their child’s enrolment form before it can be claimed, it cannot be claimed retrospectively. We are allocated subsidised hours by the Ministry of Education and therefore have to apply for the correct number for children attending at all times.

An optional charge is asked of parents so we can continue to deliver high-quality education and care, and provide extra programmes and specialist teachers for our children. When enrolling at our centre you are committing to pay these charges.

WINZ childcare subsidies
Work and Income New Zealand provide a childcare subsidy to help pay for all or part of your fee costs if you qualify. If this information is of interest to you, please do not hesitate in asking our office staff for further information.

Find out from WINZ if you qualify for an ECE subsidy at https://www.workandincome.govt.nz/products/a-z-benefits/childcare-subsidy.html

All fees must be paid in full while waiting for confirmation of your subsidies.

Special programmes
Where a child regularly attends one of our special programmes, they will be enrolled for the specific day and time of the programme for the duration it is running.

Ministry of Education
The centre will hold an already enrolled child’s place for a maximum of three weeks’ (fifteen days) absence.
NB: Normal fees apply. After 21 continuous calendar days of absence, an enrolled child’s place is not funded by the Ministry of Education (see three-week rule for continuous absence), therefore a child’s place can only be held if you pay the equivalent of the funding for that time, in addition to your standard fees.

Should your child’s attendance not match the enrolment agreement for more than half the enrolment occasions within a 30-day period, the enrolment must be changed to reflect your child’s actual attendance pattern.

After nine calendar days of continuous absence, parents and or caregivers/whanau are to confirm that a child’s enrolment is to be retained. Confirmation in writing is to be signed and dated. After a further twelve calendar days of continuous absence, the Ministry will discontinue funding for your child. NB: This is a Ministry of Education requirement.

After the three-week rule of absence due to sickness, Ministry of Education forms need to be completed and a doctor’s certificate is required.

Legislation states children may remain within the early childhood education system until six years of age when they must enrol in school. Lumsden Kindergarten welcomes any child to remain enrolled provided it is in the best interests of the child and family. When determining what is in the best interests of the child, consideration will include the child holistically, including family circumstances/parent perspectives, funding streams available, social needs, MOE Special Education advice and support, and transitioning to school opportunities and support.

Love the values and beliefs of Lumsden. Children learn leadership and other life skills through play.

Louise O’Connor
Mother of Emma

The teachers are highly respectful, caring and responsive to the needs of the children and the atmosphere is happy and welcoming. The building is state of the art and purpose built but it is what happens inside the building that is impressive.

Barbara Jenks
Grandmother of Tilly