Why Lumsden?

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Because our little people learn BIG things.

We boast a Ministry-recognised high ratio of qualified specialist kaiako to tamariki and are committed to providing exceptional early childhood education and care. All of our kaiako are trained or in-training and share substantial experience at Lumsden that has ensured continuity of care and a firm foundation for building solid relationships with our families.

Lumsden Kindergarten ERO Report 2018 

A strong focus on the arts, languages, literacy and numeracy, and other countries and cultures is facilitated by specialist subject teachers and a curriculum that is designed to interest, educate and stimulate learning in all children, from the nursery through to Big Lumsden. This varied programme is complemented by plenty of time to play and have fun, explore the outdoors, move and be active, and discover self-confidence and independence.

We believe exceptional education and care go hand and hand, working together to unleash a child’s potential and have them striving for their best every day in a safe and familiar environment. Lumsden thrives on introducing our little people to big things, awakening their senses and minds to the fascinating world of learning and opportunities while meeting their needs with compassion and consideration. We take the utmost pride in preparing them for the school years that lie ahead.

Our nurturing environment

Our teachers notice children’s capabilities and interests, recognise their ideas as meaningful and valuable, and respond with deliberate teaching strategies within our integrated curriculum, Te Whāriki.

Lumsden’s purpose-built centre, designed by renowned architect Steve McGavock, places our tamariki at the forefront of learning and exploration. Both Little and Big Lumsden boast specially designated areas for each facet of our curriculum, as well as age-appropriate spaces and furnishings to meet functional needs.

Whatever the age and stage, each child’s health and well-being is prioritised. Kaiako strive to achieve a balance of activity, creativity and rest, while promoting healthy eating choices and a child’s physical, intellectual and psychological well-being. We appreciate each individual’s culture and dietary requirements and believe in whanau having a choice over what their tamariki eat and wear each day. Taking responsibility for one’s ‘lunchbox’ and the simple act of allowing children to choose the order in which they eat their food encourages independence, autonomy and, amongst the older children, accountability for their belongings, preparing them for school life beyond Lumsden.

Family involvement

Families and whanau are a main focus and their involvement and participation is vital to a child’s happy and successful education. We come together respecting each other, embracing the diverse language, culture and identity of people in our community and making global connections. We regularly invite whanau to join us for presentations, share in picnics and commemorate special occasions where the tamariki can show off their new skills and knowledge. Newsletters emailed to whanau and friends of Lumsden every six weeks advise of term events and notices, topic studies, staff movements and professional development. Communication is key to the efficient operation of our centre and to ensuring our children have the ideal opportunities in which to learn and thrive.

We regularly consult families on Lumsden’s policies and procedures via surveys emailed out to whanau, ensuring all of our families have the opportunity to feedback on our services. We value family input and take all responses into consideration when reviewing our centre each year.

Regular ‘meet and greet’ mornings allow Lumsden parents to get to know each other as well as prospective families to visit and witness first-hand the exemplary care, education and opportunities available at Lumsden in an informal, relaxed setting. We are proud to show off what goes on beyond the red door on a typical day and let our children’s activity and centre’s ethos speak for itself.

Lumsden online

We realise and appreciate the trust whanau place in us when enrolling their tamariki at Lumsden and are committed to reciprocating that relationship by keeping families well informed of their children’s day. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are active, entertaining and insightful, with daily posts sent out to following families illustrating at-the-minute teaching strategies and activities enjoyed by the tamariki. Parents take great pleasure at receiving the daily bites featuring their children and always have the latest centre information at their fingertips.

Lumsden staff take the use of social media seriously and sensibly, continually upskilling their knowledge of how best to use the latest forms of communication to the best effect for our tamariki.

Our Christmas pantomime

At the end of each year, Lumsden Kindergarten showcases the year’s studies and activities in its highly esteemed Christmas pantomime. Kaiako and tamariki of both Little and Big Lumsden eagerly practice and perfect the show’s content during the final term in order to wow family and friends with the big performance in December, held off-site and followed by a festive reception. The show is testament to the progress each child has made during the year and allows Lumsden to show off its talent as well as celebrate its families and involvement in the community.


Educa is a secure online portal that enables families and our team to record, organise and share updates about each child’s experience at Lumsden. The web-based portfolio is an invaluable tool for parents and extended family to engage in their children’s learning and give feedback on their care and education. Our kaiako take great care in creating in-depth, informative and inspiring stories about the children’s individual and group learning, capturing their developmental milestones and learning throughout a study topic or personal challenge.

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On their graduation, tamariki receive a hard-copy portfolio of their stories and progress during their time at Lumsden. It is a priceless record of their early development as our dedicated kaiako capture the significant everyday accomplishments that lead to independence and self-confidence.

The Lumsden experience has been such a joyful experience for our little man and we will all miss him being there. The individual approach you show to each child is truly wonderful and Patrick’s development has been a privilege to watch.

Alan Cusack
Father of Patrick

Lumdsen has allowed our little individuals to be themselves, fostering their uniqueness, and grow into two fabulous children who are are set up to succeed.

Jason Allen
Father of Max and Mia