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March is NZ book month and as we LOVE books at Lumsden we were very excited to celebrate it.

We have been learning about fiction and non-fiction books. We have also been learning that books are written by Authors; the pictures are created by an Illustrator; really good books can be published and lots of copies are printed; books have a beginning, middle, end; books have a back cover, front cover and spine; books are precious and should be respected; what books are for and so much more!

We decided to set up a special Lumsden Library in the family corner. We just put a few Lumsden books on the shelves and invited children to bring in their favourite book to share at mat time and then put in our library for everyone to read. It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm the children have had to come and read a book with their friends, a teacher or parent, or even just to sit quietly and read a book by themselves.

We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to people share their favourite books at mat time.  It has been really special to hear our friends tell us all about their precious book.

We had some very exciting visitors during book month too. Lynette the children’s librarian from Havelock North Library came and told us all about being a Librarian.

She brought in some very special books written by Kyle Mewburn, a New Zealand author. Lynette read us his newest book, ‘Seesaw Po’.  She said we were the first people she had read it to! Next she read us ‘Daisy’s Maze’. We LOVED listening to both of these fabulous stories.

Lynette showed us how we could make our own ‘Maisy’ puppet and decorate it to make it our own character. Lynette even had time to read another one of her neat books in our Lumsden Library.

The next exciting visitor that came to Lumsden was Joy Watson. We were all ecstatic to meet a real life, published author. She told us all about how you become an author, that it takes lots of hard work and dedication. Next she read her book ‘Grandpa’s Cat’ to us, we all LOVED listening to it, even Collie the Kindy cat came in to listen!

As a special thank you we got some flowers for Joy and Matthew did a fabulous job of presenting them to her. Phoebe had been busy writing her own  book and she especially wanted to publish it in time for Joy’s visit so she could give her a copy. Joy was absolutley delighted with Phoebe’s amazing book!

A huge thank you to Lynette and Joy for coming to visit, it made our book month celebrations even more AMAZING!

We have a lot of AMAZING readers and writers at Lumsden Kindergarten so teachers thought it might be a good idea to help extend children by encouraging them to make their own books.
Those who were interested had to come up with an idea of what they wanted their book to be about. They then had to do the illustrations for their book. Once the pictures were done it was time to add the writing. It was soon realised that to be an author and illustrator it takes a long time to create a book. Persevereance – u-tonu-tanga, commiment – herenga, and dedication – hiri-nga, are needed.
We have some AWESOME authors and illustrators at Lumsden Kindergarten.

Once all the illustrations and text were done for each book it was time to send the pages to the printers so our books could get published.
Rakelle took a group of authors and illustrators to Copy & Design in Havelock North. Here Sandra and James showed the children how books are made. The children got to see their own individual book being made and even got to staple it all together.

A HUGE thanks to Sandra and James from Copy & Design for letting our Lumsden authors and illustrators visit your work place.

Here are our finished books.

‘There are opportunities to access the wilder world to find out about places of importance in the community through stories, visitors or trips.’ 

Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum (1996)

Books help children develop vital language skills. Reading can open up new worlds and enrich children’s lives. Barbara Freedman-De Vito


4 responses to “NZ Book Month”

  1. Kirby says:

    Montana was SO excited about her book…..she was waiting with anticipation for days to have it published and is so proud. My friends and fellow teachers are very impressed….her reading skills have gone from reading her own name to whole books in 4 weeks. Amazing. Well Done Rakelle and the Teaching Team 🙂
    Montana now produces one or two new books every day and is writing without copying…she even showed me the Publishers when we were in teh Village on Sunday….this was an awesome activity…well done Lumsden!

  2. Christine says:

    Wow what a lot of authors and illustrators there are at Lumsden.
    I loved watching the movie of you sharing your books with everyone. What a very awesome oppourtunity for you all to make your very own book!!!
    Fantastic work.

  3. Hi Rakelle & kindy kids.
    Thanks for coming to visit us. It was lovely to have such well behaved children in our shop, especially ones that were so excited about printing. We are always amazed at the lovely books the children write and illustrate and it was wonderful to finally meet some of the authors.

    Please feel free to come and see us again.

    thanks again
    Sandra & James McNair @ Copy & Design

  4. Tania Potts says:

    Wow what fantastic experiences for Book Month!! Well done Lumsden children and Teachers!!! How exciting!

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