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Big Lumsden

Maggie Seton

B.Ed. Dip Tch., centre director

Maggie saw the need for a nurturing yet stimulating childcare centre that afforded little people the opportunity to learn big things, and so Lumsden Kindergarten was born. Since its founding, Maggie has surrounded herself with talented and passionate teachers who share her vision of opening children’s eyes to the world, the arts, languages and education without compromising the caring, calm and loving approach that meets each child’s needs while away from home.

Email: maggie@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Rakelle Ru Bay

B.Ed. Dip Tch., centre manager

Nothing escapes Rakelle when it comes to the smooth running of the centre, from honing its policies and procedures to identifying the individual talents and needs of each child at Lumsden. Thanks to her passion for learning and great patience, Rakelle works with our older children teaching numeracy and literacy in School Group, preparing our four-year-olds for the challenges that await them at school.

Email: rakelle@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Jenna Suckling

B.Ed. Dip Tch., Big Lumsden team leader

Jenna is a committed, organised senior teacher who has experience working with all age groups but is particularly passionate about the difference she can make at the three and four-year-old level. She initiates complex learning experiences to the great benefit of our oldest children, challenging them to produce amazing results.

Email: jenna@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz


Amy Greaves

BVAD, specialist art teacher

Amy combines her love of working with children and honed skills in art, design and screen-printing to bring life and colour to the art room at Lumsden. As our specialist art teacher, Amy leads the artistic endeavours at both Big and Little Lumsden, employing her specific skills in Maori, Pacific and indigenous art to great effect and learning benefit.

Email: amy@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Kirsty White

B.Ed. Dip Tch., specialist outdoor teacher

When Kirsty joined the team at Big Lumsden, the children warmed to her instantly. With her vibrant yet nurturing personality, Kirsty embraces the outdoor and active world, encouraging children to get messy and experience nature and its elements – gumboots and all.

Email: kirsty@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Tanja Whyte

B.Ed. Dip Tch., specialist language teacher

Native German Tanja is our specialist language teacher and came to us with glowing recommendations from a prestigious childcare centre in Auckland. She speaks her native tongue to the children as well as other languages and is a prize asset for our countries of the world studies. Tanja has a talent for coordinating group activities and her patience is evident in practical activities such as cooking, where children’s knowledge of healthy food preparation and personal independence are encouraged.

Email: tanja@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Little Lumsden

Juanita Taurerewa

Dip Tch., team leader

Juanita returns to working at Lumsden after a six-year break from the Bay living in Wellington. She brings a wealth of experience working with pre-schoolers, producing great results with her gentle, patient and tireless manner.

Email: juanita@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Geet Deol

B.Ed. Dip Tch., specialist two-year-old teacher

Geet is a trained, experienced primary school teacher but is most passionate about working with young children, firmly believing that is where the learning process begins. Her calm, sensitive nature perfectly complements our two-year-olds’ burgeoning independence and self-help skills.

Email: geet@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Lauren McNiece

B.Ed., specialist baby teacher

Lauren is a specialist baby teacher, experienced in caring for and nurturing young infants with an emotionally warm and reassuring approach. Lauren believes it is vital to create a sense of belonging and security for each baby and works with parents to ensure a smooth transition from home to Lumsden.

Email: lauren@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Chelsea Agnew

B.Ed. Dip Tch., specialist baby teacher

Chelsea has been a big hit with our children and families since day one, bringing valuable industry and personal experience as well as energy and vitality to the Little Lumsden team. She embodies our philosophy in her tender care for and teaching of our youngest children in the baby room, drawing on her ECE training and her years spent working as a private nanny.

Email: chelsea@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Samantha Osborne

B.Ed. Dip Tch., specialist two-year-old teacher

Sam is a caring and bubbly personality who brings her vast experience working with preschoolers both in NZ and overseas. Her patient manner allows our older toddlers to test their independence as she gently challenges their learning and active play.

Email: sam@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Paige Paewai

Resource person

Paige is our indispensable Girl Friday, working across both Little and Big Lumsden and always drawing a fan club of little people in her wake. She prepares the children’s morning and afternoon teas with the help of eager little kitchen hands, manages the centre’s laundry and assists teachers with their contact and non-contact duties. An experienced nanny, Paige is invaluable in caring for all our children when teacher–child ratio requires.

Email: paige@lumsdenkindergarten.co.nz

Relieving Staff

We are fortunate to be able to draw on reliable, regular relieving staff who are all familiar with our centre and our children.

All of the staff have touched Danyon in a special way. There is no one person we can pinpoint who has been better than any other. You are all fantastic, caring and professional, a truly dedicated team of teaching staff.

Wayne and Julia Dohmen
Parents of Danyon

The use of drama, music, dance and role playing are wonderfully evident, interactions that promote and support the development of oral language and creative thinking. The teaching and learning practices that I have witnessed contribute to positive learning outcomes for the children.

Barbara Jenks
Grandmother of Tilly