Big Lumsden

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At Big Lumsden, we provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for three to five-year-olds that is literacy rich, culturally aware and physically active.

Specialist teachers are dedicated to nurturing skills and developing obvious interests in children of this age, as well as fostering new capabilities and encouraging safe risk-taking in secure and friendly surroundings.

Our focus with this age group is to ensure we offer:

  • a high teacher-to-child ratio with specialist teachers who understand pre-schoolers’ desire to learn, challenge themselves and become more independent.
  • a balanced, structured approach incorporating daily routines, planned teaching time, including literacy and numeracy, and child-led experiences.
  • a secure and active environment that promotes safe risk-taking, outdoor experiences and creativity.
  • real world learning, independence and personal confidence in preparation for school.

Numeracy & literacy

Our passion for teaching little minds is evident in the literacy rich environment we are known for. The cosy literary suite is a popular spot with the children, with writing, reading and drawing materials at the ready. It is here great progress is made, from learning to hold a pencil and write letters to mastering their own name and then simple sentences. Children set the pace here while teachers standby ready to help.

Technology and information are at the children’s fingertips with iPads, an IMac, a Macbook Pro, printers and a projector with screen. Creative programs allow big ideas to come to life while the iPads are important tools for developing literacy and maths skills. Teachers work to each child’s own interest, level and pace, developing their reading, writing and maths abilities using fun and interactive methods. Children can access their online Educa profiles via social media, observing their own development and learning.

Languages & countries of the world

Other languages, cultures and countries of the world make up a significant part of our curriculum and an important focus for learning. Multilingual teacher Tanja introduces children to the wider world, teaching basic words and counting in other languages as well as songs and traditions. New cultures and geographic features open our little minds to the big world outside New Zealand.

Art experiences

Art, dance, music and cooking are important expressions of children’s creativity and emotions and are strongly cultivated at Lumsden. Art teacher Amy’s honed skills and passion for art are infectious as she works closely with children in the purpose-built art room, developing hand-eye coordination, imagination and participation amidst paint, glue and glitter. Our annual Christmas pantomime celebrates our children’s artistic and creative studies from throughout the year. The highly anticipated performance showcases the big things our little people are capable of.

Outdoor experiences

Our dynamic and welcoming learning environment has been architecturally-designed with our little people and curriculum in mind. The outdoor environment reflects a Kiwi childhood, a supportive and safe setting in which children are encouraged to take risks, push their physical boundaries and grow braver as they develop fundamental gross motor skills and personal confidence.

Specialist outdoor teacher Kirsty opens our little people up to big possibilities in the Lumsden garden, teaching ball skills, encouraging imaginative play and exploration, as well as gardening and respect for the environment. 

So many wonderful teachers, past and present, have contributed along the journey. I can honestly say I never anticipated being able to count to 10 in Malay and sing Incy Wincy Spider in German with such ease.

Anna Fleming
Mother of Freddie and Georgie

I would also like to thank you and Lumsden Kindergarten for everything. The place was important for both Fareed and Fatihah. I am not sure how you did it but you got Fareed to write his name!

Thahirah Jalal
Mother of Fareed and Fatihah