Little Lumsden

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At Little Lumsden, our fully trained specialist kaiako and specially designed learning environments provide nurturing care and support for all tamariki from the early stages of infancy through to the end of their toddler years.

Our focus with tamariki this age is to ensure we provide:

  • an ERO-recognised high teacher-to-child ratio with ECE-trained teachers who are loving, caring and in-tune with the child’s needs and development. 
  • a balanced approach to early childhood education with some planned teaching time and plenty of child-led experiences.
  • a safe, calm and ordered environment with opportunities for exploration, age-appropriate physical challenges and varied educational resources.
  • lots of outdoor experiences.
  • a centre that welcomes and encourages the involvement of parents and families.

Little Lumsden incorporates the Lumsden ethos and curriculum into everyday learning, following the studies and activities carried out at Big Lumsden but in a suitably simpler form. Our littlest people are exposed to the same big things through our four core areas of learning:

  • Numeracy & literacy
  • Languages & countries of the world
  • Art experiences, including music and theatre
  • Outdoor experiences, including active movement, gardening and sustainability


Our nursery provides a nurturing, calm and communally safe environment for our youngest children. Its intimate size of no more than 15 tamariki under the age of two years and a ratio of one kaiako to three babies means all of our caregivers develop strong bonds with each baby and respond to their individual routines, well-being and developmental needs.

While we have shared areas for learning and exploring at Little Lumsden, we also have clearly defined areas for the babies with suitably dim, quiet sleep rooms conducive to ensuring optimal rest during the busy days, and age-appropriate furnishings, toys and educational equipment to stimulate and entertain growing minds and abilities.

Our ECE-trained specialist baby teachers work together with parents to settle each baby as they join Lumsden. Their collective experience and nurturing approach ensure a sensitive, gradual and unhurried transition from home to Lumsden, creating a firm sense of belonging and security essential for each child’s well-being at this significant time, followed by quality care and attention to all their needs. Our nursery teachers understand parents’ roles as primary caregivers and strive to complement that with compassionate communal care at Lumsden, ensuring each tamariki is comforted by the familiar presence and protection of all kaiako.

In conjunction with a fully qualified infant sleep consultant, age-appropriate routines and nap schedules have been formulated to ensure each baby’s health and development are put first, at every age and stage. Families provide their own infant’s sleep associations, food and nappies to reinforce the continuity of care from the home to the centre, allowing parents the choice of what and when their child is eating and drinking.


Our adventurous and active ‘ready-to-run’ toddlers may have outgrown the nursery walls but Little Lumsden has plenty to offer this inquisitive and energetic group eager to try out their increasing motor skills and burgeoning independence.

During the toddler years, tamariki make incredible developmental strides cognitively, emotionally and socially. Our fully trained specialist age-group kaiako work closely beside our toddlers, offering the same responsive, communal caregiving they are used to while encouraging them to develop their social and self-help skills (toileting and food preparation, for example) and to take risks in a safe and friendly environment.

When a child is surrounded by adequate, age-appropriate spaces to learn and play, and feels safe and secure in their environment, they feel comfortable challenging their abilities and taking risks. They grow braver, develop their fundamental movement skills and build feelings of personal confidence, competence and independence.

Transitioning 'through the gate'

The lure of Big Lumsden ‘through the gate’ is a constant source of aspiration. Our younger ones become familiar with the older children from day one of joining Lumsden via daily visits to Big Lumsden. Formal transition begins one month before a child turns three, when they spend short periods of each day joining in activities at Big Lumsden, getting to know the tamariki over the fence as well as the specialist kaiako. A graduation from Little Lumsden with family and friends and welcoming haka as they join Big Lumsden are significant but not final as friends and siblings are welcome either side of the fence.

We want to thank your wonderful staff for the lovely graduation Sienna had as she finished her time at Little Lumsden and moved through to Big Lumsden. We were thrilled to see the warm welcome Sienna received from the children and teachers at Big Lumsden, we know that Sienna will enjoy it there.

Alicia and James Russell
Parents of Sienna

I imagined dropping Baylee off at daycare would be a big ordeal (for me) everyday but it isn't because Baylee is more than happy to be there, in fact she sometimes gets quite excited when she sees or hears Chelsea or Paige. So I head to work happy, knowing that Baylee is happy and content.

Mother of Baylee